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Josephjyanta 3 months ago

Chow Kway Teow 炒河粉

The Chow Kway Teow was amazing! I couldn't get enough! It had spice, but wasn't spicy. It was a perfect mix of vegetables and noodles. Very healthy. I 100% recommend, and I will be coming back and ordering the same! Make sure to try the Black Forest cake!

Kmyers 3 months ago

Chow Kway Teow 炒河粉

My first visit was the definition of how to make your first impression your best impression. I started with an appetizer curryflower (dried curry and cauliflower with a perfect crispy coating) and since I couldn't decide on the entree, the staff recommended the Chow Kway Teow. I couldn't dream of a way to put these flavors together. All I can say is that it was flavorful. Please take my advice and visit Mamak vegan kitchen. This restaurant is number one on my list. Don't go another weekend without trying this Malaysian restaurant.

Mgmahony 4 months ago

Little Wok Lotus Root 蓮藕炒什蔬

Wow! We actually ordered two appetizers, two entrees for dine in, and two entrees to go. EVerything was excellent! We can't wait to return.

Missy 4 months ago

Beyond Rendang 仁當咖喱

This dish is a must try. If you have ever eaten the rendang beef or chicken at MaMak, this is the exact same except with the Beyond Meat. Not too spicy, with a robust sauce, pairs so deliciously with the rice.

Dominique 4 months ago

Curry Laksa 咖喱汤面

My mom ordered the Curry Laksa which I really enjoyed more than her. It's a coconut milk curry w/ noodles, okra, string beans, eggplant, fried tofu, tomatoes, and bean sprouts. The flavors weren't as bold with this dish, but the spice was definitely there. I enjoyed this dish because although it was similar the flavors weren't the exact. I enjoyed the noodles with this dish more because well I just love noodles. The vegetables weren't soggy and really kept its shape. I recommend this dish if you're easing into Malaysian food! Overall we recommend this restaurant because it's a great remake of Malaysian food, but vegan of course! They've only been open two weeks, so I'm sure the kinks will figure the self out. For all of the dishes we paid $32 which is pretty good! The portions are very generous and can definitely be shared! The customer service was okay. We had to track our server down to order and it wasn't busy at all! Like I said they just opened, so I'm sure the kinks will be worked out. My overall experience I would rate a 8.5/10!

Mellat 4 months ago

Dry String Beans 豆角炒肉

I tried the vegan pineapple fried rice! Wow, it was phenomenal. Very tasteful, full of flavor and juicy pineapple. In addition, I had the spring rolls and those were just as amazing. Such a great restaurant, definitely a ten out of ten! Go ahead and try it, I recommend!

Jcs1096 4 months ago

Chow Kway Teow 炒河粉

We tried the chow kway teow, mee goreng and dry string bean and everything was fantastic. The flavor on each was unique and they were well prepared. Services was wonderful and made us feel important as patrons. Highly recommended for anyone wishing for vegan dining.

Triaces 4 months ago

Mee Goreng 印度炒麵

These noodles were superb! Very authentic.

Ashrita 4 months ago

Sago Melaka 椰糖布

I missed caramel so much after I went vegan, and this was amazing! My new favorite dessert.

Denisetevis 5 months ago

Basil Tofu 九層塔豆腐

Delicate, sweet but not too sweet, tofu has perfect texture. This dish is delicious! I ate it yesterday for lunch and I'm back the next day to have it for dinner.

Sangeetha 5 months ago

Lemak Curry 馬來西亞乾咖喱

I was born and raised in Singapore and my husband is from Malaysia. This is the food of our people. I was so pleasantly surprised at the authenticity and deliciousness of this curry. This is a dry curry with tender pieces of beautifully fried eggplant, okra and tomatoes. The tofu in the dish is a perfectly deep fried soft tofu. Any tofu lover knows this is an incredibly challenging tofu preparation but oh so delicious to absorb the sauce. Now I don't need to plan my yearly trip home to eat such delicacies. I am extremely impressed by the quality. It really does taste like home.

Joshalvarezgdi09 5 months ago

Beyond Rendang 仁當咖喱

The service was very attentive. The food was both delicious and plated beautifully. I look forward to coming back and trying the pineapple fried rice which looks super cool.

Gregpope83 5 months ago

Curry Laksa 咖喱汤面

We recently went to try Mamak Vegan Kitchen for the first time the other day. As an appetizer we tried the Beyond Satay, Curry Pockets, and Yucca Fries. All were amazing and delicious. Our favorite were the curry pockets and will most likely make that a regularly ordered appi. As an entree I had the Curry Laksa. The portion size was very big and left me with lunch for the next day. I also had rice to put in with the curry. The taste was great! So much flavor to the dish! My partner had the Okra dish which too was extremely flavorful and delicious. Overall we loved everything that we ate there and would definitely recommend. We will plan to go a lot more.

Marissa 5 months ago

Lemak Curry 馬來西亞乾咖喱

I can't eat dairy right now so really wanted a restaurant where I didn't have to think about what the ingredients might be, and that dairy might be lurking. I have little familiarity with the cuisine so I needed a lot of coaching from the waitress. It was spicier than I was expecting but it was absolutely delicious.

Prinaik 5 months ago

Yuca Fries 炸木薯條

Delicious! Despite being fried, not greasy! Highly recommend!!

Zenobiagodschalk 5 months ago

Beyond Rendang 仁當咖喱

This fish was the hit of our party. Even our beef loving dining companions gave it two thumbs up. The sauce is so yummy, and the protein is perfectly shaped and tastes great!

Gracietb 5 months ago

Mango Tofu 芒果豆腐

Delightful dish...fruity, savory, crispy deliciousness. The mango sauce is tart and spicy with a deep mango flavor. It's my go-to dish. Try it. You won't be disappointed.

Prao272 5 months ago

Mango Tofu 芒果豆腐

So my family kinda shared a few things, I had the mango tofu and my daughter had the mee goreng, and I tried a few other things. All I can say is. WOW. I literally did not have a single dish I didn't love. Absolute spectacular food, and as a vegetarian o find it difficult to find places to eat out. This one will be a staple for us.

Will 5 months ago

Pineapple Fried Rice 菠蘿炒飯

This dish is so delicious. I love fried rice. Serving it inside a pineapple is a great presentational choice, and the umbrella is cute. Bonus: The pineapple bowl also doubles as dessert! 10/10 will order again.

Ericlind98 5 months ago

Mango Tofu 芒果豆腐

This is a great place! We shared 4 dishes of which all were good. - Vegetables were fresh and colorful - Each had a distinctive taste - Portions were a good size The service was also very good and we just really were enjoyed the meal.

Trobinson44 3 months ago

Ancient Meat 咕嚕肉

It was the best Dish I ever tasted, The flavors and the drinks were a new invite for the best meal ever!!!! I definitely will invite my family, friends and associates to join me on the next visit.

Yulaitam 3 months ago

Beyond Rendang 仁當咖喱

Beyond Satay, Chow Kway Teow, Beyond Rendang Same great flavor as the meat version!

Mnargundkar 4 months ago

Beyond Rendang 仁當咖喱

Nice open and bright atmosphere. We enjoyed the rendang and lotus root dishes.

Dominique 4 months ago

Curry Pie 炸咖喱派

Very delicious and homemade. It was similar to a samosa. Only think if I wish a dipping sauce came with it! That would've made it a 10/10 for me if there was sauce.

Dominique 4 months ago

Lemak Curry 馬來西亞乾咖喱

Being that we recently traveled to Malaysia in November we were excited to try a Malaysian restaurant. 🇲🇾 We ordered the Lemak Curry which was absolutely delicious. WOW! It reminded me of a dish that I had in Singapore called Nasi Lemak! The Lemak curry had eggplant, tofu, and okra in what seemed to be a coconut based curry. The curry was spicy and very delicious. The flavor was definitely there. The spice level was about 3/5. The tofu pieces were way higher than bite sized pieces, but you definitely get a lot for your buck. The vegetables were very yummy and retained its flavor.

Mellat 4 months ago

Pineapple Fried Rice 菠蘿炒飯

I tried the vegan pineapple fried rice! Wow, it was phenomenal. Very tasteful, full of flavor and juicy pineapple. In addition, I had the spring rolls and those were just as amazing. Such a great restaurant, definitely a ten out of ten! Go ahead and try it, I recommend!

Nimnuonny15 4 months ago

Little Wok Lotus Root 蓮藕炒什蔬

My family and I are big fans of the regular Mamak down the street from here... when we heard they were opening up a vegan place, we just had to stop by. There's not many places that offer a lotus dish, so when I saw this one, naturally I just had to give it a try! If you're looking for a savory dish with lots of texture, I highly recommend you give this one a try. I sat there and just had the dish as is without rice, it was so good!! Will definitely be coming back for more!

Raukanan 4 months ago

Mango Tofu 芒果豆腐

The mango tofu was served in a mango and tasted so good! Loved it and will be back.

Ashrita 4 months ago

Pineapple Fried Rice 菠蘿炒飯

The pineapple fried rice was really good! Super flavorful and it was served inside a pineapple, which was both cute and tasty.

Sangeetha 5 months ago

Ipoh Chow Ho Fun 怡保炒河粉

Savory and light fresh flat noodles in a delicious sauce with a melange of vegetables - plump black mushrooms, napa cabbage, crisp snow peas and juicy carrots. Tasted extremely authentic like what you would find at a vegetarian restaurant in Singapore/Malaysia (I am from Singapore and my husband from Malaysia). Our six year old daughter loved this option and devoured multiple servings. On point!

Edie 5 months ago

Olive Fried Rice 橄欖炒飯

This dish was so aromatic! I love this place! Our waitress was super friendly and attentive. The atmosphere is super chill and calm. Definitely will be coming back at least once a week!

Neese 5 months ago

Curry Laksa 咖喱汤面

The curry laksa was vibrant and delicious, especially the okra! Friendly staff and beautiful atmosphere, would recommend!

Shavonne 5 months ago

Kari Sayur 咖喱什蔬

The Kari Sayur is absolutely amazing. The vegetables are so fresh, and they're not over cooked. The broth is so delicately balanced. Perfect amount of salt, sweet, and spice. The restaurant itself is beautifully decorated with live plants. Very bright and welcoming. I also tried the curry laksa, curry pie, and the roti naan - all excellent. As a vegan in Atlanta, I'm SO happy Mamak Vegan is open. I'm already planning my return.

Petercanon2004 5 months ago

Basil Eggplant 九層塔茄子

Very delicious. I ate many bowls of rice with this dish. Thanks

Thevegdoc 5 months ago

Curry Laksa 咖喱汤面

Really tasty, spicy but not too spicy. Noodles were perfectly cooked and the veggies were delicious. I was worried about the okra, but it was cooked beautifully. They also have the option of steaming the tofu if you prefer.

Zenobiagodschalk 5 months ago

Gelato 義式黑巧克力冰淇淋

We had both the chocolate and vanilla gelato (they had run out of the cardamom) and both were delicious. These are both made with cashew milk to be made vegan, and have a rich, creamy mouth feel, great texture, and delicious flavors.

Westney 5 months ago

Kari Sayur 咖喱什蔬

The flavor of this dish is absolutely incredible. It has the perfect amount of spice, too! The okra in the mixed vegetables was delicious, but I really just loved it all!

Jdbatl70 5 months ago

Chow Kway Teow 炒河粉

I've been dining at Mamak for years and was excited when I found out about the vegan version. I have to say I enjoyed the vegan chow kway teow more than the non-vegan version and the mamak tofu was delicious. I can't wait to try out more menu items on future visits! A great addition to the many delicious retaurants on the BuHi corridor.

Rachel 5 months ago

Little Wok Lotus Root 蓮藕炒什蔬

This dish was amazing! The veggies were cooked just right, some with a nice slight crunch, others melt in your mouth. Definitely a must when visiting this amazing new vegan restaurant!

Itsjenandjay 5 months ago

Mango Tofu 芒果豆腐

OMG, this was SO GOOD! So fresh, colorful and delicious!


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